When applying for life insurance, there is a mandatory medical exam that all policyholders must go through. If the policyholder is cleared healthy and low risk at the time of the exam then they should receive low premiums from the insurance agency. If the policyholder has term life insurance then the rate decided upon when they are first accepted stays with them, they do not have to retake the medical exam when they renew their insurance. This means that even if the policyholder is seriously injured or falls ill and would not pass another medical exam at the same level, their premiums will not go up. However what if someone is ill or injured when applying life insurance? Someone with a chronic injury or incurable diseases runs the rink of being declined for life insurance.

Just because someone is ill or injured, does not automatically mean that they will be turned down for insurance. Many clients in this position go on to get very reasonable premiums and a great life insurance policy that works well for them. There are a few helpful hints and tips everyone who is applying for life insurance with a medical history that will count against them, should follow. First off, remember that insurance companies like to see people with a long life expectancy. A really good way to improve your chances is by showing that you are reliable and make sure not to miss any follow up visits with your doctor. Many insurance agencies will want to contact your doctor, so make sure you bring all their contact information with you. It is also worth warning your doctor so they can have all your records easily accessible. There are many people in the world with injuries and illnesses that they battle their whole lives, but those lives can still be long and rewarding. The trick to getting good insurance policies is showing that you are one of these cases. When giving your insurance agent all the details make sure to include any medication you have been prescribed and your current health status.

No one knows how long they will live and what will happen to them, having life insurance is a great way to ensure that all your loved ones are looked after when you are gone. It will also help to give you a sense of comfort and relief. There are many reasonable insurance plans out there, ones that will keep you feeling secure. Acquiring a plan at all, let alone a good one, with a negative medical history can be tough but it is possible and well worth it.