As a rule of thumb, funds tend to be short for many University students the world over. One way to help save money is to make sure to have proper student health insurance as medical bills can amount to thousands. Sudden illness or medical emergencies cannot be planned or predicted, and without proper insurance the fees could be crippling. In some cases, hospitals will not even admit someone without proper health insurance. The price of insurance is very reasonable, it will save lots of money and keep any student properly cared for and protected.

Some homegrown students may find themselves covered under their parents medical insurance. Many types of health insurance will cover dependents when they are under the age of 21 and unmarried or until they are 25 if they are enrolled in full-time education. Some insurance agencies may request proof of enrollment, but it is easy to get a letter detailing enrollment terms from the university or college in question. If dependents are not covered under their parent’s policy, many universities offer medical insurance that will cover trips to the campus doctor and prescription pick up at a specific pharmacy.

Most of the time, parental medical insurance will only protect dependents while they reside in the same country as their parents or while they are travelling internationally for a short period of time. They do not cover residents living in other countries, which means international students will need to purchase their own health insurance. Universities with good international support services will be able to inform students exactly what they will need. There are some great deals on insurance available, which will help protect students should something go wrong. One of the added advantages of international student health insurance is that it will pay for the student to return home in the case of extreme and prolonged illness or injury. Some insurance policies will even cover some family travel expenses in the case of the student being hospitalized. While it makes clear financial sense to get adequate student health insurance, it is also listed as a requirement by many universities. Some universities will ask to see proof of insurance, so make sure to request an insurance certificate.

Health insurance is a vital protective measure for anyone, especially considering that some hospitals will refuse to treat anyone who is without it. However it is particularly financially important for students that are short on money and do not have a very extensive emergency fund. There are many great deals on insurance available, look carefully and choose one that will meet all personally important requirements.