When choosing a roofing contractor it is important for any homeowner to check out both their personal insurance and the contractor’s coverage. Having proper insurance will help make sure that the homeowner will not be on the hook to pay for any accidents or property damage during the renovation.

If you are wondering about your homeowners insurance, it is best to contact your insurance agent and explain the renovations that are being done. Often when it is a roofing project, the insurance just needs to increase to cover the new value of the home. Liability insurance should also be considered, to help make sure that you as the homeowner will not be held responsible if the contractor has an accident while on site. It is also worth asking if your homeowners insurance covers theft of supplies.

It is important for any contractor to have roofers insurance that will cover property damage and accidents. While roofing insurance is designed to benefit and protect the contractor not the homeowner, it will prevent the homeowner from being sued if the contractor is injured while working. Roofers insurance is quite pricey, as roofing is considered to be a high-risk profession. Due to the high premiums some contractors may try and skate by without having full coverage. As the homeowner it is advisable to contact the insurance agency to verify that this is not the case. It is important to check that the roofing contractor has both liability insurance and workers compensation insurance. The liability insurance covers the worker for all non-work related injuries on site, such as tripping on a rock or hose. Workers compensation insurance covers any injuries obtained by the worker as a direct result of the job.

Roofing is an important renovation that needs to be monitored to ensure the continued comfort of the residents of the house. Having a roof that is in good condition keeps the rain out, prevents costly repairs down the road and increases the value of the house. However roofing is a risky occupation and it is vital that homeowners understand the insurance available and what it covers.