All homeowners considering doing window repairs and installations will have heard many stories, from the glowing reviews to the horror stories. There is some truth to these stories, so it is important to make sure you, as a homeowner, are protected. There are three big truths to consider when you are doing a window repair and installation project.

1 – A contractor is injured on site and the homeowner is sued for wage compensation and treatment. Yes this can happen, but only if the contractor does not have proper insurance. The best way to check this is to ask to see a certificate of insurance and personally phone the insurance agency to check its validity. Some agencies will even place the homeowners name on the insurance for a short period so that if the insurance expires or is cancelled during the project you are contacted. Remember to ask if the contractor has full liability and workers compensation insurance. Although the insurance is designed to protect the window repair and installation contractor and not the homeowner, it does protect the homeowner from being sued.

2 – The damage a bad contractor can do is awful, and very expensive. The best way to avoid this is to try and make sure you have a good contractor, do your homework before hiring anyone. Window repairs and installations can be risky so make sure to take your time and get the right person for the job. Many of the really good contractors get work through referrals from other pleased clients; they do not have to advertise. Do not just accept a referral, make sure to get a few quotes from different contractors and phone to properly question all references.

3 – During the window repair and installation, pre-existing damage to the home is found that needs fixing. This can be very expensive and there is no way around it. However it is important to remember that it is good you found the damage before it could get any worse, and that you are in the process of getting it resolved. As this is property damage it should be covered under your insurance. Make sure to phone your insurance agent in charge of your homeowners insurance before starting the window repair and installation, to let them know what you are doing. That way if any damage is discovered they are fully informed and can hopefully make a decision relatively quickly.

Yes, window repairs and installations can be dirty, noisy and expensive but they are also very worthwhile and important. Damage to a home only gets worse with time, and windows are a major part of your home that will affect many things. The windows are important in the structure of your home, so they need to be solid and reliable. Any damage to them needs to be repaired quickly and effectively. When funding a window repair and installation project, remember to check these tips to help make sure you as a homeowner are protected.