Vinyl siding is a very popular choice with many homeowners as it is durable and stylish. Putting vinyl siding on the outside of a house can make it much more modern and really change up the appearance of the home. Vinyl siding can be found in many different styles and colors and is very reasonably priced. Price varies according to thickness; the cheapest is 0.35” thick. The highest thickness available is 0.52”, but this is also the most expensive. Most builders use builder’s grade vinyl siding which is 0.40” thick, but the homeowner can request thinner or thicker. Vinyl siding is also long lasting, it will eventually need to be replaced but it fades slower than most other sidings. It is also easy to maintain, an annual wash with a power hose will keep it clean and fresh.

There are a few environmental worries with vinyl siding and it is more susceptible to heat than many other types of siding. However it is important to remember that there are negatives associated with any type of siding, no option is free of all negatives. Some homeowners may find themselves worrying about insurance and whether vinyl siding is covered. The answer is yes; vinyl siding on a house is insured. However as a homeowner it is still worth contacting your insurance agent and letting them know that you are getting vinyl siding as it may change the value of the home.

Vinyl siding is the most commonly installed siding by Canadian and American homeowners; it is reliable, inexpensive and modern. Vinyl siding is a practical and cost efficient choice for many homeowners without losing the stylish and up to date aspect.