Renters insurance is probably the last thing on any students mind while they are moving into residence to continue their education. Meeting new friends, unpacking all their expensive gadgets, planning for classes and enjoying no longer living at home doesn’t leave much time to worry about insurance. However, tenant insurance is something all students must consider when leaving home. Some universities will require students to provide valid proof of their insurance unless they want to be kicked out of residence. Others are less strict, but that doesn’t mean renters insurance isn’t a very important part of the going to university planning process.

Renters insurance does not insure the building you are living in, it insures your personal valuables inside it and gives the renter liability coverage. While some students may find themselves covered under their parents insurance, this is not always the case and it is worth checking out. As a student, it is important that your renters insurance covers:

Personal property against fire, theft and wind damage
Personal liability for accidents, obtained by others on your property
Damage to property of others in your care
Living expenses incase you are forced to vacate the property during repairs or disasters.
This may all sound horribly expensive, but that is not the case. Buying renters insurance for the term you will be in residence is actually very reasonable. Some universities have deals with insurance companies to give their students special rates, but even if your university or college doesn’t getting insurance is still not a bank-breaking exercise. Look around; there are lots of good deals available out there especially if you are in a room with good safety precautions, for example a deadbolt and a fire alarm. When getting the insurance it is important to take an inventory of your valuable possessions, so that in the case of damage or theft the insurance agency can fully reimburse you.