If you are planning to install a swimming pool or your property, or if you already have one, there are several things to consider in order to protect your investment. There are certain risks that are exclusive to pool ownership that may fall outside of or within a standard homeowner’s policy. The issues associated with pool ownership that should be examined in your current policy are: liability limits for personal injury that happens on your property, damage coverage stipulations in your policy, and special safety requirements such as gates or fences that your policy states you must have in order for your swimming pool to be covered.

After reviewing your current policy, take into consideration the amount of liability coverage you currently have. Accidents can happen anywhere on your property no matter how careful you and your guests are, but statistically they happen more often and are more serious and costly when they happen in or around a swimming pool. If your liability limits for bodily injury are standard you should triple them. If you do need extra liability insurance you can either purchase an umbrella policy or add to your existing policy. Structural damage to your pool is almost always covered but make sure that ground movement damage as well as acts of nature are all part of the policy. Vandalism and theft are covered under most policies, but some may require extra measures to be taken such as putting up fences or gates for extra protection against intruders. Lastly look for any exclusion in your policy that might pertain to swimming pools. These exclusions may be separated from the coverage phrases.

Finally you need to make inquiries about the laws and statutes that exist for your area. You are always better off when you are an informed consumer, so you will want to know if there are laws in effect that cover your pool or the insuring of your pool when you purchase or upgrade your homeowner’s policy. Owning a pool should be a fun experience for your family and guests. The security of knowing you aren’t risking your financial status should make it an even more positive experience.