Roofers insurance is quite expensive as roofing is considered a high-risk occupation. For this reason, some roofing contractors try and skate by without proper coverage and insurance, which leaves the homeowner at risk of being sued. If the roofing contractor or any of their sub-contractors are injured on site then the homeowner could be held responsible for paying for any injuries and wage compensation during their recovery period. When hiring a roofing contractor, the homeowner should ask to see a certificate of insurance and then phone the insurance company. Make sure with the agency that the insurance is not due to expire soon and that your contractor has valid workers compensation insurance and liability insurance. As a homeowner you can also request that you be contacted if the insurance is cancelled during the renovation. It is important to remember there are many good roofers out there; they are not all trying to get by on the minimum.

The homeowner should also contact their insurance agent and check that they are covered if anything were to go wrong. Even if you have a good roofing contractor during the remodel they may find pre-existing damage that you need insurance to pay to fix. Roofing is a complicated and risky remodeling project, especially if the whole roof has to be taken off. So many things could go wrong and many of these problems would cost lots of money to resolve. The risk is not a reason to avoid a roofing renovation, roofs need to be looked at and checked relatively often to ensure that they are in good condition. The risks associated with these type of projects is the reason homeowners should make sure they are insured, not a reason to avoiding doing the renovation. If a roof is left in disrepair for too long it will cease to become effective and put the structural security of your home and your families health at risk. Many roofing renovations occur without any issues, but incase something unplanned happens, it is vital that you as a homeowner will be protected and looked after.